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maandag 8 oktober 2012

floddertje - a clumsy kid

My friend Amandine is a kindergarten teacher.  She spends her days among the little ones, aged 4 years old.  She teaches them small things like the days of the week, or the weather, and she likes to tell them stories.

As a teaching aid, she uses many items.  She crochets a moon and a sun, makes birthday crowns, and a birthday chair they can sit in.  This year, she has the help of 'floddertje'.

Floddertje is a well known little girl, created by the Dutch writer Annie MG Schmidt.  Floddertje is a little girl who has a golden heart, but always messes up.  She and her dog try to paint the room, but end up covered in red paint.  Or they try to make tomato soup, and the kitchen needs refurbishing afterwards.

The little children love these stories, and Amandine wanted a doll just like Floddertje, to help her telling the stories (and teaching them about hygiene I suppose).  That's where her mother - in - law, Monique, came to the rescue.  Monique is a brilliant crafter, who has made the most beautiful things.  Amandine asked for her help to make a 'floddertje' and this is what Monique made :

I wanted to share that with you, because it is one of the many items this amazing lady has made. She has very patiently studied the drawings made by Fien Westendorp and made a perfect pattern.  This is the Floddertje she made : a soft doll, with legs that can fold so that she can sit up.  The little dress is a perfect fit, with the ribbon just like in the pictures.  The hair is made of dark orange wool, and watch the legs, she emboidered the stockings with minuscule little stiches. The doll even has fingers, and the face has the cute expression just like the drawings in the book.

What a wonderful job !  Monique, if you are reading this : respect !

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