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woensdag 2 mei 2012

baby booties and a little purple dress

Sometimes I just want a little project that is finished quickly.  Something to knit inbetween bigger projects.  Something you can knit whilst looking at the adventures of Will & Grace, or handsome Rick Castle... With you mind turned to zero, and just enjoy. 

I had picked up this knitting magazine in the newspaper shop the other day, and found the design on the front page supercool.  So I decided to knit it.

 and this is the finished item :

I had to make matching booties of course

the dress closes on the back with 2 buttons.
Now I think I'm going to do something else entirely.  Perhaps crochet ?  or another button bracelet ?
hmmm.  Or maybe embroidery.  That's been a while !  Lets have a look in the cupboard where I keep all my stash...   I'm sure there is something there that I bought last year....

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