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maandag 7 mei 2012

crochet sophie digard style

I have made a new necklace, with an abundance of colours.  (If the sun refuses to shine, I use bright colours to brighten up my day.)  The round balls are made of pure silk,  I made them at  Mieke Recour's during a lovely workshop.  But I didn't have enough for a whole necklace. 
So I added 6 'puffy daisies' crochet flowers, a pattern I found here : gipsybazar.blogspot.com.
It's in French and English, and has very good pictures ! 
They remind me of a necklace I once saw - made by brilliant Sophie Digard.  I don't have enough pocket money to buy one of her necklaces, so perhaps, one day, I must make my own....  for now, this is ok for me. 

the little dasies are so easy to make

so many colours : I can wear this with everything
I added a few small colourful glas beads and the necklace is finished.  I love the many colours, it goes with so many different clothes, and it has a nice vintage touch too I find.  A bit 70-ies, don't you think ?

3 opmerkingen:

  1. leuk dat je op mijn blog kwam!
    wat een heerlijke halsketting is dit, meteen breekt de lente door!

  2. ne nis veel schoonder in 't echt hoor !

  3. Lovely! Very unique! Never saw these silkballs before.


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