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dinsdag 15 mei 2012

household knitting

I am fond of little projects that are original, useful and have a rustic or vintage feel to it.
That is why I immediately fell in love with this little scrubbie.  Check it out on this blog.

my old crazy cloth and new scrubbie
Don't you just love this idea ?
One of its many appeals is also the use of something totally unlogic to knit with : a ball of twine cord.
You can use any fine cord, rope or string.  You knit a rectangle, fold it over, sew it together and fill it up with some leftover wool.  It is just abrasive enough to help you clean your pots and pans, without hurting your fingernails, like those metal sponges.  (I know, I could wear plastic gloves, but I thoroughly hate them)

I don't really like the cheap sponges, no flashy colours in my kitchen.
don't like those colours

And those little iron sponges ruin my nails.

very bad effect on my nails

So now it is really nice to be able to use my new scrubbie.  I'm going to make plenty. Happy dishwashing indeed !

I think they might even be a nice gift...

even teddy likes them.

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