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zaterdag 11 februari 2012

a warm and colourful baret

A couple of months ago, I ordered a pattern for a nice baret via Riet . There were mittens too, in the same pattern.
But somehow, something always happened so that I couldn't finish it.  first, it took a while to receive the packet because of postal problems in Belgium, then I didn't have the right size needles. The craftshop was closed for holidays, so I had to use an old pair of circular needles but they broke.  I also needed to finish Xmas gifts, and the baret got stuck deep down in the knitting projects bag...
But now, finally, it is finished.

downloadable, excellent description
I loved knitting with the wool - Riet spins, and the pale wool she made. That colourful other skein changed colours every few rows, so that is a wonderful effect without any effort !
The pattern is very professional and well explained :  I didn't make any silly mistakes there.   I usually do, and hate to have to frog or to knit backwards..  :-( 
The most fun was the latvian braid - I had never done that before.  It's actually very simple, and the effect is so nice !  There are excellent tutorials on Youtube.

the top is a lovely star shape

I put a plate inside, to steam it

It is a perfect fit !

the latvian braids are at the cast on and halfway

just caught a little ray of sunshine !

Now, I still have to finish the mitts.   Shouldn't be a problem, and I sure can use them in this icecold weather. As you can see, the circular needles are too long for the mitts.  I started on regular needles (size 2.5)

Tomorrow I'm going to a huge craftfair in Parijs.  I'm going to look for a box of circular needles that have interchangeable cords.  I'm fed up with these cheap needles that I have.  The stiches get stuck, and if you pull too hard they break.  Buying cheap stuff isn't a good idea after all....

 I will keep you informed about the fair, and also about the mitts... !


11 opmerkingen:

  1. Stunning! The baret is beautiful! The pattern looks very difficult and therefore the baret is a very precious piece. Great work!

  2. Such a beautiful hat!! Wish you luck on the fair and with your needle hunt!!

  3. knap hoor, ik kreeg het niet voor elkAAR met dit patroon

  4. heb dit zelfde patroon geprobeerd, maar mij lukte het niet. knap hoor

  5. Heel veel plezier morgen ! En doe maar die prachtige muts op, hij zal goed van pas komen.

  6. Ohh prachtg, dit soort breiwerk hou ik erg van!
    Veel plezier morgen in Parijs!

    Groetjes Geriene

  7. Fantastisch Rozemie! De wantjes zullen ook wel lukken...
    heb je ook de bijpassende sjaal gezien die Riet heeft gebreid? Zo'n mooi setje geworden!
    Groetjes uit Ouwerkerk, Zeeland

  8. Wat een pracht exemplaar, de kleuren komen heel mooi uit in het patroon en de braids zitten net op de goede plaats.
    Veel pret in Parijs en de barret zeker dragen daar

  9. Wat een prachtige baret!!

    Groetjes Willy

  10. Zo mooi ... gemaakt door een professionele brei-STER!
    Groetjes, Octopoes (via LocaLoca)

  11. Prachtig zeg!! En ik kan het ook nooit allemaal bijhouden hoor, jammer genoeg! Maar ja, dan zouden we meer achter de pc zitten, i.p.v. leuke dingen maken ;-)
    liefs, Nancy


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