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Breiclub in Oostende : elke woensdagavond van 19 u - 21 u !

woensdag 15 februari 2012

the paris craftfair " l' aiguille en fête"

some pictures...

huge fair ! And 'a fête' it was.

One of the first stands we saw, was displaying knitwear by Sophie Digard.   We couldn't resist taking a picture, but the salesladies got quite angry.   Pas de photo's !  olalala...

Walking about, we were astounded that so many Parisiennes were actually wearing a Sophie Digard scarf, although they are soooo expensive.
Wouldn't you want one too ?  I always think I'm going to make one myself.  I actually started one.  But it is so timeconsuming, and I am not so patient.

this is an incognito picture of  sophie digard stuff. 
 Next we halted at the stand of elle tricote.  Can you imagine wearing this gorgeous dress ?

Now how would this look on me ? 
 the scarf i'm showing is knitted in mohair.  1 skein is 1 km (yes !) of mohair.  It's the thinnest wool I've ever seen.  My sister has bought it, and will knit that scarf.  I wonder how it will knit.

there was also an exhibition of plaids and quilts.  This one I particularly liked, because it combined different crafts. It had lots of blues and earhtly colours, and some crochet was included. 

I love this quilted plaid.  It has crochet in it.

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