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zondag 5 februari 2012

tilda snowmen

My sister has been busy making some tilda snowmen.  She put them together to form a nice group.  Then she went to the secondhand store, and found an old 'virgin mary' glass dome.  That is a typical flemish thing I suppose.  Old people all had this somewhere in the house.  Anyway, she bought only the glass dome, and told the people she didn't need the mary figure.  That's my sister, not a religious bone in her body.
Now the snowmen are under the glass cupola, and sure - it is instant atmosphere in the house.

aren't we cute ? 

1 opmerking:

  1. Hi:-)
    Fantastic 'tilda snowmen'-they look so funny,like the tilda-snowmen family closed in the glass dome.
    Though,You have probably forgotten about me,I still remember You and like to comment upon Your blog posts.
    Greetings from frosty Sweden-Halinka-


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