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zaterdag 21 mei 2011

new fimo necklace

I've been reading a great book about fimo beads by Sophie Arzalier.  It set me off for an afternoon of fimo crafting and this is the result.

I was also inspired by a necklace Winnie had.  It's sooo easy to make.   You could do this for a children's project.
You begin with 3 sausages of fimo, each in a different colour.  I choose green, purple and white, to match a skirt.
Then you roll the 3 sausages together in 1 sausage untill the colours blend. This way you create a marbled effect.

Next you cut several pieces of it.  Make a few small ones, and then make each next one one just a little bit bigger.  Approx. 46 in total.  Put a little hole in the top with a toothpick.  Bake for 30 minutes at 150°C (or as mentionned on your pack)

Then put them in a row, start with a small one, the one bigger etc.  and end with a small one.  Make sure you have a good rank of order.
Take a string (I used elastic invisible string) and put a few cm of beads, then start with the fimo.  Put a little bead in between each fimo and end again with a few cm of little beads.

Close with a nice clasp.  This is a silver one I bought at Zahia.

The necklace is very nice when you put it on, it's a real eyecatcher.

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