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zondag 15 mei 2011

Goe gebakken : making cupcakes

Today the weather is a bit frisky, really an afternoon to spend quietly at home, in the kitchen.
I have bought a new book about baking cakes and so I installed myself to bake .... cupcakes !

The cakes were easy to make.  Decorating them would be a bit of a challenge : I've never done that before.  I had got some sugary paste in 4 different colours to make flowers and stuff.

Then my 17-year old son Jonas came to 'help'.  To be honest, he did make some nice ones.  The smiley is his creation.   Not bad.

I spend a couple of hours messing about making the decorations.  This is the result. 
A pity you have to eat it !

The book is called 'Goe Gebakken' by Sofie Dumont, Lady Chef of the year.  She has a tv show about baking that I really enjoy. The book is as delicious as het program !   Find out more on the website here .

6 opmerkingen:

  1. 'Goe Gebakken' is echt een supergoed programma!
    Ziet er allemaal lekker uit!
    Groetjes van Saartje

  2. dat ziet er veelbelovend en lekker uit !

  3. WOW!!!All looks so yummy and colourful,but...ouch...those calories:-)))

  4. They look delicious and you both were very good in decorating the tiny cupcakes.

  5. O-oh da ziet er lekker uit Rozemie ! .... mmm ..
    Jullie hebben goed je best gedaan hoor !
    Jouw zoon heeft mee 'goe gedecoreerd' ;)

    Plezante avond nog !


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