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vrijdag 6 mei 2011

kushu kushu finished !

Well,  at last, it's finished. 
It took me a lot more time to make than I first contemplated.  At first sight it looked easy peasy, but the threads are sooo fine and delicate that you make each stich with careful attention. 
before felting

Would I felt it or not ? 

it is a bit hard when you put it around a bare neck

After it was finished, I was hesitant to wash and felt it. When I put it around my neck, it wasn't very comfortable.  The steel thread was irritating my skin just a little.  Perhaps I'm over-sensitive...
So I decided that it would probably be softer when felted.   I very gently washed it, careful not to use a lot of force on the merino, with very soft flakes of natural marseille-soap. 

felted and drying in the wind

And this is the result : I am very pleased with it. A great diffence with before, my neck doens't hurt anymore.   It does feel a lot softer, and still has that funny capacity of staying in any shape you pull it. It's like the steel thread has dissapeared into the merino, and in stead of the 2 threads, it's now just one fullness.  (does that word even exist in English ?   But you  know what I mean) 
Anyway : I like it !

here you see that the red part is softer

I can pull it in any form I want

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Congrats! Very pretty! Very interesting material!

  2. Heel mooi Rozemie
    Ja en ik zie dat het rode gedeelte zachter geworden is.

    Fijne zondag nog !

  3. Ohhhh,ROzemie:-)
    I LIKE IT TOO:-)
    It looks incredibly delicate and I believe ,after several washes it will be not only looking like that.Fantastic pattern,nice colours,I've always dreamed to have something like that.
    Best Greetings-Halinká-

  4. heel mooi, is het mogelijk het patroon hiervan te krijgen?


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