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dinsdag 10 mei 2011

kushu kushu pattern

So many of you have asked me for the pattern, so here it is.  I'm glad to share it with you, but keep in mind that you can make it in any shape you design !

Use 4mm or 4.5 mm needles

Use 2 cones of Habu : one in silk with steel and one in fine merino wool
(you can buy the habu cones at Lena & Zasa  in Berchem, and several other webshops. There are many beautiful colours to choose from)  I choose black steel and red merino.

Cast on 68 stiches with the steel thread.
Continue in stockinette stich for +/- 23 cm.  (stockinette or tricotsteek = knit one row, purl next row)
then add the merino thread.  Continue for 90 cm with both threads knitted together, and in stockinette.
After this, continue for another 45 cm with the steel thread.
Cast off loosely, and tuck in the loose ends carefully

You can felt the scarf if you want to.  Submerge it gently in a dish with soapy water.  Knead very gently.  Only the middle part of the scarf will felt and become softer.  Now wash with clear water untill all soap is gone and dry the scarf.  Pull it straight to dry. 

After that, you can pull the scarf in any shape you want.  Thanks to the steel thread it stays in that shape, which is a very artistic effect !
Good luck with it, and please send me a picture of the one you have made ! 

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