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vrijdag 22 april 2011

modemuseum antwerpen

Yesterday, we visited the Momu (Fashion museum) in Antwerp.  It had a special edition about knitted fashion through the centuries, and I really wanted to see it.
A good start : with my teacher's card I got in for free !

we weren't allowed to take pictures with flash lights, and that made it a bit difficult...  Sorry for the bad quality, but just to give you an impression...

what a good idea for wall decoration...
a huge carpet....  knit by one of Flanders' last knitting companies
From the 1920ies & I'd wear this one immediately !

Hilde Frunt and SIGI (mother and son) designed and knitted these

crazy stuff, but sooo original !

beautiful socks with knittted flowers
When we left the Momu, we saw the special exhibit of the Lena & Zasa shop. They sold a knit kit for a Kushu Kushu scarf, knitted and felted with steel, silk and merino incl. bamboo knitting needles.  Who can resist that ?  Certainly not me !  I  bought the knit , in red and black (very dramatic....)

So by then we were ready for a lunch 'al freso' & enjoyed the sunny day at one of Antwerp's many bistro's. 

Here Winnie is a little envious of my gigantic sandwich.....   You don't want to see a picture of me with my mouth full of this....

We had some time left over for shopping and Antwerp is a great town for this.  All shops are just a XXL size compared to the little dwarf-like shops we seem to have in Oostende....  
Inhabitants of Antwerp have this 'air' about them, sometime when you hear them talk it's like they live in New York.  People of Antwerp say they live in THE city, and all the rest of Flanders is their parking space....
To be honest, I'd like to live there for a while, just to enjoy the hustle and the bustle of a big town.

We also paid a visit to the 'Lombardia', a very well known bio-food restaurant/shop  that is very proud to have Sting and Moby as customers (when they are in Belgium)  Check out the website lombardia
There we bought the Ginger Love Tea - invented by a Belgian, a really divine drink !

After another cup of coffee and a piece of low-fat, calorie burning no sugar added double chocolate cake, we were ready for home.

waiting for the intercity train....   with a bag full of goodies....
I'm starting on my kushu kushu scarf right now, will keep you informed about progress....

3 opmerkingen:

    I bet,You had a wonderful time in all those interesting places in Antwerp-who wouldnt... :-)
    Those patterns of knitted fashion are fantastic and still 'living' today.
    I'd like to wish You a HAPPY EASTER-many wonderful and sunny days and fantastic,relaxing holiday.This time from the marvellous place in the North of Denmark-from Skagen,where I am relaxing now.
    Warm Hugs & Kisses-Halinka-

  2. heeerlijke dag zo te zien ... had er graag bij geweest :-) - al heel benieuwd naar de sjaal !

  3. Wist ik niet. Leuke tip van dat museum!


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