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vrijdag 15 april 2011

Halina's paintings

Thanks to blogging, I have met people all over Europe.  Sometimes I can't read the words or understand anything if it's like in Portugese or Polish, but then I just admire the pictures of beautiful jewelry, bags, knitted scarves, crochet accessoires...etc.

One of the people I ad:mire is Halina.  She's a multi-talented woman, living in Denmark.  When she presents a new doll it always comes with a story. Her imagination is limitless. You can find a link to her blog here .

Some time ago she showed paintings she made of cats.  As I am a big fan of cats I took a close look, and immediately fell in love with them.  And when you love something, you want it near you.  So I asked if she could sell me one of the paintings. 

She was prepared to do so, and I could chose one of the images.  A difficult task, as they were all so funny and so delicately made.  I went for this one :

Here we are, in the trees.  Now come and recue us !

The colours are perfect in this corner of my living space !

And she added a surprise in the box : 3 mini-paintings of the awesome trio !  That's what I call them : 3 little darlings who perform magic everytime you look at them.  They trigger my imagination, and I feel the story behing their expression.  I catch myself smiling, when I look at them.  Halina has captured the peronality of the cats in her work, and  their expression of happiness is rubbing off on the person looking at them.

Oh, is this your bed ?  It is very comfortabel...  Purrrrrrrr

 I didn't break that vase....  I rescued the flowers !

fasten your seatbelts, Lady, I'm driving like a mad cat...

And to finish : here's one of my cats.  Spirou is the king of this castle, His main activity is sleeping, enjoying his cat dinner, laying about in the sun, a daily check if the castle is still standing, and once in a while a bit of human attention.  What a life...

1 opmerking:

  1. Hello,Dear Rozemie:-)
    Can't You see it?? I'm seriously bluuushing:-)))
    I can say,I still have some cat-pictures for sale.They will be placed in my *Trolles Butik* soon,so if someone would like to have...one 'click' in there:-))
    Have a Nice Weekend-Bear Hugs-Halinka-


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