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vrijdag 15 april 2011

knitting a bag

With spring in the country, I thougth about getting a new bag.  But why buy something you can make yourself ?  So I spend some time on the internet, and look what I found : a free pattern for a little knitted bag in cotton.

I used some stash and got around knitting on circular needles this time. 

When I decide do try something new, I never hesitate - the type who jumps in with eyes closed. 
I therefore choose the fair isle pattern where you use 2 colours, one on each finger.  and you know what ?  I kinda liked it.....  Perhaps another circular needle project is a possibility....

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi,Rozemie-the bag is really fantastic:-)I like this pattern very much,also those Summer colours.
    P.S.I'm terribly sorry I had no time for answering Your last e-mail,but I'm going to write to You soon.I had lots of work in the garden and of course with my new beaded project,which is very detailed and 'demandful'.
    Greetings-once more...

  2. Wat isie mooi!!! Leuk werkje om te doen hè?

    Groetjes, Riet


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