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vrijdag 15 april 2011

cowboy inspiration

easter holidays and I am busy as a bee, catching up on all those projects I wanted to make, but couldn't find the time for....  
So there will be quite a few blogposts coming up in the next few days.

One of the things that I find very relaxing is playing with fimo clay.  It sort of catapults me back to kintergarten, the soft clay rolling under your hands to form 'sausages'...   I must have liked it allready at a very early age.
So now, a little bit older (and you should think wiser, but that can be discussed) I am still fiddling with fimo.
And this is the result :

I added old jeans buttons for the cowboy style look

a little cowboy hat  made in brown fimo

this necklace is  based on a model in the veritas catalogue

but as usual, I added my own ideas...

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