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zaterdag 7 november 2015

autumn decorations

I'm indulging in a little felt embroidery.

The big red mushroom is a fly agaric (had to look it up - thanx google translate)
Apparently you can call these mushrooms  'punks' or even 'spunks' in English. In my language they are called 'zwam'.  I liked to sew the spores - that's the detail to make it look real.

catching some late rays of sun

So I guess the little baby on the swing-chair can be called a baby punk..... although he doesn't look the part... Maybe I should 've gone a little more crazy on his hairdo. 

I'm putting it on display under a glass bell.  In Flanders, in the fifties & sixties, every home used to have a glass bell with a madonna + child under it.  In the zen-nineties they became really old-fashioned and were thrown away or sold at flea markets. I bought one there, threw away the (plastic) madonna and now I fill it with other objects.  It's vintage revival.
Feeling pretty hipster now. :-)

Swing along, little punky.

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