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Breiclub in Oostende : elke woensdagavond van 19 u - 21 u !

zaterdag 25 juli 2015

knitting excursion

Once in a while, the 'Vrijstaat O' knitting club decides it is time for an excursion.  Chris, one of our faithful  knitters, works at the Bozar.  The Bozar (palais des Beaux Arts) is the Museum of Arts in our capital city, Brussels.  While we knit, she always talks about the beautiful exhibitions, and now it is something we are all interested in : Belgian Fashion.

It is something to be proud of.  Belgian Fashion Designers are worldwide acknowledged to be exeptional.  Surreal (that is typical Belgian - the painter Magritte was Belgian - ceci n'est pas une pipe - remember? ) Avant -Garde and Explicit are the 3 words that describe our fashion at its best.  Take a look at these 3 items.   

I bet this needed more than 1 blue biro

a sexy corset in national colours

look close, see the weirdness...

The Antwerp 6 have been very infuential, Raf Simons is currently leading the house of Dior.
Edward Vermeulen (Nathan) whose dresses are worn by Queens.  - to name just 2-

So we decided to get together and travel by train to the Bozar, and spend a nice day in Brussels.
We enjoyed the exhibition a lot, Chris was so kind to explain and tell us the 'little history' behind the objects.  She actually travelled to her work on her day off....  just for us !

crochet by Ann Salens, a 70-ies designer
 Ann Salens was a girl from Oostende (my home town) with a talent for crochet. During the 70ies she dressed international stars in her handmade dresses.  I was still a young girl in the 70ies, but she inspired me to copy her designs for my barbie dolls.  Still love her work !

now that's a pleated skirt...

Alexa is admiring some dresses. 
Young talent had designed this wall with all their pictures
a new talent from Oostende ! Katrien Van Hecke dyes her own silks

I really liked this outfit !  felted wool and plastic.
The replica of Mary's dress
The St Andries church in Antwerp has a very modern priest.  He wanted a dress for his statue of Mary, and he contacted Ann De Meulemeester.  She designed something very frail, and exquisite.  This one in the museum is just a replica.  Once a year Ann takes the gown to clean it, and then Mary is wearing the replica. You find this hard to believe ?  Well, this is Belgium.

St Andries kerk in Antwerp : the best dressed Mary ever.
really liked this one !

nice one too !

close inspection.  How did they make this ?

the back can be removed... 

in need of some coffee...

In the afternoon we sat outside in the adjoining park.  We knitted and chatted and enjoyed the company.  Knitters from Oostende met knitters from Ghent and Hasselt. The sun was shining and time sure flies by when you're having fun.

thank you Chris (at the right) for a lovely day !

one day to remember...
Whereto next time ladies (and gentleman) ?  Paul Smith is on at the fashion museum in Hasselt...

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