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vrijdag 20 januari 2012

Karin & her bears

Every wednesday, Karin joins us at the knitting club.  She has become a good friend, and we share a passion for knitting and... teddy bears.  She designs her bears herself, gives them all different names and gets them dressed in colourful scarfs.  That is where the knitting comes in...
I admire the humor she puts in the little creatures.  They have an audacious look, like a little rascal you can't be mad at because he looks so cute.
see for yourselves :
this one looks like her dog, Bor

and these little friends are wearing the knitted scarfs with pride.
thanks Karin for sharing - I am inspired by your bears.  And need to find the time to finish my new bear... ain't gonna happen this weekend, to busy with other stuff - or just maybe if I can get up very early....

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello,Rozemie:-)
    Remember me a little?:-))
    I've come back to live.
    Fine bears Karin makes.Also the rats with the knitted scarves.They all have fine 'faces':-))
    I have got the new blog,only with beading.
    Feel invited and visit it sometimes.
    Best Greetings from Sweden,where we live now.

  2. Wat een schattig beertje! Doet me een beetje aan Tommie uit Sesamstraaat denken:)

    Fijn weekend,

  3. Thank you for sharing Karins work. They made me smile a lot!!! Too cute to be true!! Does Karin have a blog???

  4. die zijn idd om te stelen en niet vergeten mee te nemen ;-)

  5. thank you so much Rozemie
    By the way: the little airedale in the basket is not mine, he is created by Linda from Felted Folksies.
    Enjoy bearmaking but take care: it is an addiction :o)
    hugs, karin


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