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donderdag 5 januari 2012

gloves for Lisa

As promised, here are the pictures of the gloves I knitted for Lisa. 

Last year, I knitted her a hat in the same colours and pattern.  so, I thought it would be nice if she had gloves to match the hat.

She rides her bike to school, and she likes to keep her fingers free so the gloves needed to have a removable top.  The top is secured with a button if it's no used on your fingers.

I'm quite proud of myself, as I used no pattern for these gloves.  I just calculated the stiches, and started to knit.  I started with the EZ system of knitting an I-cord first, and then CO stiches from there.  the thumb needed extra stiches and all went well.  and for the top, I CO stiches straight in the knitted part, using a thread on the inside to pick up stiches. 
It sounds as complicated as it was, but in the end, the gloves are finished and she likes them !

and now for some UFO's... (unfinished objects)  Let that be  my new year's resolution : I'm going to finish all those UFO's that are waiting for me.   No new wool -- no --  I will be strong  --  I will not buy any new wool ...    Sounds a bit like an addict trying to give up on her dope....

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