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zondag 9 oktober 2011

knitting half a scarf...

as you can see, it ends in a loop

My friend Amandine is a knitter too.  She has learned it from her mother, who is never without a knit.

When we last met, Amandine was wearing a lovely scarf, in what seemed a very intricate pattern of cables.  Her mother had knit it for her, using only 1 1/2  skeins of wool.  The pattern is called 'half a scarf' because you only knit....  half of it, yes. 

A week later I got mail : her mum kindly sent a copy of the pattern to me.  So, I tried this and it's not difficult at all.   The cables pattern repeats itself and I soon memorised it. Only 60 stiches, I knitted it in a few evenings. 

before steaming

after steaming

plain sock wool, but I like the mêlé effect

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