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donderdag 11 augustus 2011

another zahia workshop

Yesterday, I went to Zahia Brugge, to learn how to make silver clasps for bracelets, earrings or necklaces.
a nice cup of coffee to welcome me ! Great !
It was well organised, as usual at Zahia's.
We were invited to sit down at the table filled with all sorts of tools, even hammers !  (to be used when frustrated ?)

a complete toolset was waiting for us...

it was a small group, but very dedicated pupils
Sylvie is a very good teacher...

very patient...

and very funny !
see the tools ?  Verrry macho !
hammering on the silver

Sylvie showed us some pre-made examples in cupper.  A much cheaper metal, and also softer to bend.  So this was our practising material, before we could try our hands at the silver.
the cupper forms were easy to make
you need good eyes for this !

many ideas to choose from

We were so busy - time passed unnoticed.

We all did well, with the cupper.  And then we could choose any model we wanted...  I went for the design earrings, and had some silver left to from 2 nice clasps.

We could - of course - pick our choice in the many many drawers filled with beads, to use in our earrings.
The result can be seen here !
I made a red set and a blue set

I really enjoyed this workshop, it was not too difficult.  And at home I tried one of the clasps on my crocheted green necklace - it is just purr-fect !

the S-form is ideal for this necklace

these are watercolours - I love them

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  1. Erg mooi zeg!! Lijkt me erg leuk om te doen ook! En ja, links haken.. ik heb het mezelf aangeleerd vanuit een boekje, ik zou niet weten hoe het anders moet. Zodra ik een vogeltje helemaal af heb, laat ik het zien! Groetjes, Nancy


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