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maandag 25 oktober 2010

work in progress : fingerless mitts

I am ill.  A small but determined virus is making my throat ache, I cannot speak, only whisper.  A bit of a headache too, but controlable with the right medication and a lot of citrus tea.  I am all alone at home and a bit bored.  So I picked up some left over sock wool and started on a small project I wanted to make for a long time : knitted mitts.
Just a try-out, before I knit it in more expensive cashmire.  But I quite like the effect of this sock wool too.   They are my favourite colours, blue and brown.  Work still in progress, so I 'll keep you informed...

The pattern I bought from Ysolda, she has a lovely website called 'whimsical little knits'.
You can find it here :   

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