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dinsdag 6 januari 2015

fair isle fingerless mitts - my texting mitts....

winter flowers blooming !

When we went on a daytrip to the UK, (just across the north sea for me), we went into a yarn / fabric shop in Canterbury : C & H fabrics in the main shopping street.  There I bought the book ‘Fair isle knitting’ by Lynne Watterson, and fell in love with the fingerless mitts pattern.

In the same shop they sold the Ramsdale wool, and the colours are ‘heathery’ just what I like.

I bought the dark purple, light brownish off white and burgundy red. Love to work with that yarn, it is marked on the label : born, bred and made in Yorkshire. Local products should be treasured, and this wool is made from the sheep that graze the Yorkshire Dales, and spun in the Yorkshire mills. it is a bit tweedy, and ever so soft - ideal for fair isle knitting.
These little mitts knit up real fast, in just a couple of hours I had my new mitts. They are not knit in the round, just flat on 2 needles, and then sewn together, leaving just a little spot free for the thumb. also, all other fingers are free.  Ideal for a mobile phone addict….. or for those who work in the garden....  

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