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maandag 8 december 2014

retro beanie

I am knitting a cardigan for myself, in fair isle.  A work of patience, all those small stiches in a row.
Therefore, I need some distraction.  A small project, quick to finish.
And when something like this comes along on facebook, it was love at first sight.

I bought the pattern, and the babywool from Bergère de France and set out to knit intarsia.
Who remembers the little plastic fish - dangling on your needle ?  I has been ages since I used them. Probably from since the boys were little and I knitted them sweaters with footballs on, or Zorro.

Well, this is the result.  I love the combination of light blue / red.  It reminds me of something my mother knit for my doll, Mireille.  Those were exact the same colours. I am speaking of the 1960ies....

Now for a little girl who can wear this. The pattern included little mitts too....  aren't they cute ?


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