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woensdag 5 november 2014

een eenvoudige kantsjaal breien - a very easy lace scarf

I found this great free pattern on Pinterest, for a lace scarf.  It's actually called a 'true lace' - that means you knit the pattern on both sides, in stead of knitting a pattern on the right side and purling the stiches on the reverse side.
But don't let that scare you off - this is such an easy pattern you will memorize it quickly and knit it whilst watching you favourite tv show.
Here's how it goes :
choose your yarn carefully.  I have seen this pattern knit in bulky yarn, very nice for a guy ! In sports it's rather dull, but in mohair it is the most lovely scarf ever ! Choose your needles according to the effect you want to get; like needles 6 mm with a fine kid mohair gives a fluffy result : a very soft and light scarf.
I choose this kid mohair with little sequins in, in a light taupe.  this colour goes well with everything I wear.

just a little bling bling

It's a great scarf !

Cast on a multiple of 4   (like 16, or 24 or even 80 stitches)  I cast on 44.  Knit 2 rows.
Always start with 4 knit stiches.  then follow the pattern :  (YO, K2tog, K2) repeat until there are 4 stiches left on the needle.  knit 4 stiches.
Turn.  Do this every needle.  End with 2 knit rows.  Cast off very loosely. (check Youtube for loose cast of) I like this method : knit 2 stiches together, put that loop back on the left needle.  knit 2 stiches together, put that loop back on the left needle.  and so on until all stiches are cast of.

Wouldn't that be a nice xmas present for a loved one ?

happy knitting !

In het Nederlands : 
Zet een veelvoud van 4 op (ik zette 44 steken op)
Brei 2 naalden rechts
Brei patroon als volgt :
4 steken rechts * 1 omslag, 2 st rechts samenbreien, 2 steken rechts*  herhaal wat tussen de * staat tot er nog 4 steken op je naald staan.  Brei de laatste 4 steken rechts.  Herhaal deze naald tot je sjaal lang genoeg is. (brei je bolletje maar op :-)  
Brei op het eind nog 2 naalden rechts en kant erg los af. 

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  1. Wow - that is so beautiful!!! The yarn looks so lovely. Thank you for the pattern!!!!!


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