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zaterdag 3 augustus 2013

blocking a crochet scarf

In Belgium we have a chain of stores called 'Veritas'.  They started out as a shop where you would by buttons, zippers and panty hoses.  My mum would often go there, back in the old days when everything was much simpler.

The veritas management had it's finger on the pulse of modern life, and the shops regularly had 'updates', they added jewelry and knitwear to the assortiment, bags and scarfs, even underwear and bikinis.

The latest change is making the shops a real experience for crafters.  You find the nicest cottons and wools (even rowan in some shops !), they give lots of workshops - even for the little ones.  One of their flagship stores is in Brugge, a town near where I live. 

 Every time I go to Brugge, I can't resist going to the new veritas.  So, last time I picked up a free pattern for a crochet scarf.  I choose a nice pale cotton, and set of to make it. 

A triangular scarf, starting at the bottom point : in the beginning the rows go quickly, and the scarf takes it shape. but those last rows, OMG, they are endless. I took this project with me on the train, in the car, to my work....

Nevertheless, I finished it in just over 4 weeks.  As it has a lace-effect and a lace border, it needed blocking.
So this is what I did :
old foam toys from the kids, put up in the correct shape
I put a big towel over it
spray water over the scarf to make it wet, and started pinning

take care you pin down every point

it's really a lot of work

finished !
I put it up against the wall for a couple of days, untill it's really dry.  Remove pins and there you have the scarf, perfectly blocked.

You can find more information on Veritas, and the free pattern here and here.
the pattern is in dutch, but the charts are very clear.
Good luck with it !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. And sometimes Veritas has a man knitting in the shop window ^^

  2. knappe sjaal!!!!
    aan het zeetje kan zo'n sjaal goed van pas komen :)


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