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maandag 29 juli 2013

patchwork mania

I love flea markets.  that's partly because I love old things, and partly because you don't spend a lot of money and have a nice afternoon.

When I see old dressmakers items, old odds and ends, pieces of lace or threads turned yellow by the years, I really can't resist.
The box I keep these things in is starting to pile over, so I really needed a project where I could use some of these.  and in a magazine I noticed a small patchwork with a lot of left overs and ribbons that would be just perfect for my stash.

The most fun was actually sorting out the fabrics and the ribbons, choosing the perfect position for the old buttons and nicnacs, arranging and rearranging.

and then finally putting it all together, embroiding a little, adding a piece of felt, and here it is, my finished object.

I choose 'Chic et pas Cher' because that is the name of my sewing club. It's an old expression meaning  something 'chic' but not expensive.  And that's exactely what it is.  Nice, but not expensive !

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