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In the rhythm of the needles

there is music for the soul.

Breiclub in Oostende : elke woensdagavond van 19 u - 21 u !

zondag 16 juni 2013

WWKIP in Oostende - the pictures !

My sister Veerle and Jan exchanging knitting information

the girls were there too (old ànd young)

Rebecca and daughter

Patricia who knits for a good cause

Amandine wanted to crochet

girls just want to have fun !

See the camera men ?  We're on tv !

June, and feeling like november....

It's not a tattoo, you can wash it off....

talking and knitting

the park on a sun ? day...

Mother and daughter both wearing a gorgeous knitted garnment
We had so much fun, and an unexpected interview on national tv ! This is going to be hard to top for next year....  

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