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donderdag 15 september 2011

hooked on Zpaghetti .... or not !

Last month, my friend Amandine invited me to join her on a Zpaghetti workshop.  I hesitated, I'd seen some zpaghetti items before, and I don't really like them.  They're huge.  And rigid.    I prefer to work with soft merinos and mohairs. 

But curiosity got the overhand and I joined.  Amandine is good company, so what could happen ?

Disaster is a good word for that workshop.  Disaster for me, that is.  The other people made lovely stuff.  Mine was horrible.  I didn't like the colour.  My thread was way to dense and I couldn't choose a  pattern.  I started, hesitated,  took it all out, and started all over again.  Even worse. 

Do you know these days where you shouldn't be doing anything, because it's just not going to happen the way you want ?  This was one of those days.  I should've stayed in bed.

So I took the Zpaghetti home, unfinished, and it remained in its bag.  I pushed it under my sofa. 

And then, yesterday, I found it again.  In a better mood, I thought this wasn't going to beat me.  I took the big hook, and started to crochet in a frenzy.  Half an hour later, I had finished all the zpaghetti and it looked like this....

I used 2 long slings (is that the good word?)

If I hit someone with it, they're dead for sure. Sooo hard...

perhaps flowers will soften it a little
So, this bag is finished.  And my conclusion is that the only zpaghetti I like is served with a good bolognaise sauce...

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